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You want to know when who is in the air? That is possible! With the flight radar you get a detailed overview – You can track flights in real time, Your friend is on an airplane?

Your family is flying on vacation? With the flight radar, you can always follow the plane and know where the bird is. You even know when the plane lands!

Of course, you can not only watch machines in which friends or family members are sitting – you can watch every imaginable aircraft live and also get even more exciting information!

The flight tracking is 100 percent free – You do not have to make any commitments or meet any requirementsso you can watch the machines. Just click on the plus sign and zoom in on the machine.

Are you interested in the airport Düsseldorf or the Airport Berlin? Then you can also enlarge the respective airports and observe which machines are currently in the approach or just before the start.

The principle of flight tracking

Flugzeuge auf der Landebahn

If you use the flight tracking, you will get an overview of all flight movements – no matter where the machine is heading: you will be provided with all the information! You will even get the feeling to sit in one of the many machines. You get facts, not a mainstream – you’ll get details that not only inspire aviation fans, but also interested lay people. The Flight radar is free – even the information you receive is free, This will tell you the airspeed, the types, the current heights and the distance traveled.

You get a detailed insight, lots of information and details! In addition, you also get the information whether the machine is a classic scheduled flight or a private flight. You will also get information on whether the aircraft is a helicopter or a large jet – you will get the perfect insight, thanks to the flight tracking.

The live flight tracking is free

You’ll be amazed at how much fun flying tracking makes. But where is the catch? There is no. The service is free. Expensive programs that you have to buy in advance before you can track planes do not exist. Tracking flights does not cost a single penny! The radar is web-based, so you do not have to download and install any programs, but at all times – as long as you have an upright internet connection – you can track the machines.

Consider the following tips and tricks

Zoom extra strong to the machines – so you can the flights, with the flight radar, pursue even better and also get more information. Are you interested in specific aircraft? Then zoome the respective airport approach – such as the Frankfurt airport, since start here every minute, the most diverse machines.

You can track every plane

Mann wartet im FlughafenThe flight tracking is of course ideal if you are fascinated by aircraft, you want to get information about the different machines or maybe have friends or acquaintances who are in the air and you want to know how long they are flying. Do you need to pick up your girlfriend from the airport? Then you can get information in advance, whether the flight is delayed or not, so you do not have to wait too long at the airport.

Also drones flyers use the flight pursuit

fliegende DrohneDrones are becoming increasingly popular. More and more people are thrilled by the drones – no wonder that, of course, the flight tracking has taken an enormously high priority here. Finally, the service also serves security. However, it should be noted that drone aircraft must comply with the legal regulations, so that their drones may not exceed the maximum height of 120 meters.

Get to know the airspace

There are numerous airplanes that are above us and transport crowds. Whether ordinary scheduled flight, private jet or helicopter – with the flight tracking you get an overview of how many machines are in the air, which destinations are controlled and also receive information on how long the respective aircraft is still on the road, at what altitude the aircraft is and how fast it is already on the way.

The flight tracking But not only the exclusive information gathering: You have to pick someone up from the airport, but do not want to be there too early? Then use this service and get you the necessary information when the machine will actually land. In the course of the flight tracking you can also check whether the machine was delayed or if there were any incidents. So, like the passengers in the plane, you are always up to date. You may even get a little more information than the passengers currently in the plane.

Flight Radar - Flight Track Worldwide

You want to track a particular flight or get an overview of how many planes are currently in the clouds? With the flight tracker or flight radar, which you find on our site, this is always possible!

Why should you track and watch a flight?

Whether earmarked or just for fun – you’ll be surprised how many machines are in the air when you activate the flight tracking system with the flight radar. You certainly know this feeling when a beloved person gets on a plane – you automatically worry about whether the machine arrives well and is sometimes nervous if the loved one does not answer immediately after landing. Use this service and watch the machine; You will also get information on when the machine will land in real time.

Of course, you can also “check” employees or, if necessary, contact the business partners abroad if the machine in which your employee is sitting is delayed. Even if you want to pick up your loved ones from the airport, the flight tracking will help you, as you get real-time information, whether the plane will land on time or is sometimes delayed. Thus, you can avoid long waiting times at the airport.

How does the flight tracking work?

Mit Radar Flug verfolgen

Until a few years ago, flight tracking was relatively complicated for private individuals. Nowadays, thanks to the numerous aircraft radar services, there is also a wealth of information available to individuals, which can be accessed on the portals.

You only need an internet connection! Follow up on individual flights, get a picture of the current air traffic in Frankfurt or get information on how many machines are making their way to the US.

You have a flight number or know from where the machine will start? With this information you can easily search for a flight via Flightradar24 or Flightaware and watch it afterwards.

Of course, you can also watch and track all the planes that you find on the map. You would like to have more information about a specific aircraft? Click on the plane and look forward to many details.


Flightradar24.com convinces with a free flight radar in the form of a map, on which the current aircraft are displayed. You can watch and track flights by flight number search or track various flight routes. Furthermore, there is also a flight radar app, so you can use the flight tracking on the go. At the end of 2014, more than 4,000 ADS-B receivers were in operation. According to the operator, 90 percent of the European, Australian and North American airspace will be covered; parts of the Middle East are already covered.


On FlightAware can you after the flight number, after airline or even after that Origin or arrival airport search and thus track and observe a special flight.

Flights can also be tracked with an app

You can use different appsif you want to watch and track flights. So there are apps from Flightradar24.com! The apps are available for Android and iOS devices and can therefore be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play Store or – if desired – also purchased for a fee. The paid version convinces with a wider range of information.

The Flightradar24 flight tracking in the Detail

Flugzeug startet am Flughafen

  1. you have one flight number and want to track the plane? Click on that radar icon at the top right corner.
  2. Subsequently a search box appears, Enter the flight number. However, you can also enter the arrival or departure airport of the aircraft and subsequently receive information about the desired aircraft.

You have found the right aircraft Follow the machine until it reaches the destination airport! You also get information about the current location, altitude, speed and arrival in real time.

Whether worldwide or only within Europe – you will be amazed at how many machines are currently in the airspace! In addition, you can also observe the airspace of the largest airports in Europe! The largest European airports include:

  • London Heathrow Airport, London (United Kingdom)
  • Aéroport Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Paris (France)
  • Frankfurt am Main airport, Frankfurt (Germany)
  • Luchthaven Schiphol, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  • Aeropuerto de Madrid Barajas, Madrid (Spain)
  • Munich Airport Franz Josef Strauss, Munich Germany)
  • Aeroporto di Roma-Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci, Rome (Italy)
  • London Gatwick Airport, London (United Kingdom)
  • Aeropuerto de Barcelona El Prat, Barcelona (Spain)
  • Domodedovo International Airport, Moscow (Russia)

Der Himmel über Deutschland

Would you like to follow the flights in German airspace? Then use the Flight Radar services flightradar24 or FlightAware, Of course, the areas of major airports are of particular interest. There is a lot of traffic here; in Frankfurt and Munich the machines start and land every minute! The biggest German airports are:

  1. Frankfurt
  2. Dusseldorf
  3. Hamburg
  4. Munich
  5. Cologne
  6. Berlin
  7. Hanover
  8. Stuttgart
  9. Bremen
  10. Nuremberg

You will notice that the use of the flight radar useful and also fun. Benefit from the real-time information when you need to pick up a relative from the airport or do that flight tracking to your own personal hobby. Watch the planes that move over your city, track machines that travel to North or South America or get an overview of which machines are currently landing in Frankfurt, Munich or London!