UTC 16:57

Last active Registration

N624CDSR22 (N624CD)---
N16332PA32 (N16332)---
N162ASC172 (N162AS)---
N99157C172 (N99157)---
RCH127TC17 (01-0191)---
ATU100PAY2 (D-ITEM)---
N518JHRV12 (N518JH)---
DE1820B753 (D-ABOJ)Las Palmas (LPA/GCLP)Frankfurt (FRA/EDDF)-
1L555C56X (N555QS)St Augustine, FL (KSGJ)Atlanta, GA (PDK/KPDK)00h57m
S71054A319 (VP-BHP)Moscow (DME/UUDD)--
N61870- (N61870)---
SU8051RJ1H (C-FXRJ)---
N443JT- (N443JT)---
N429MBE58 (N429M)---
GB3927B762 (N795AX)---
NDU654C172 (N654ND)---
VJT569CL60 (9H-VFE)---
PC2021A20N (TC-NCH)Antalya (AYT/LTAI)Istanbul (SAW/LTFJ)-
NJE030RCL35 (CS-CHB)---
WILD23EC45 (16-72436)---
PNC930B407 (PNC-0930)---
N407VCB407 (N407VC)---
N1SMBE9L (N1SM)Palm Springs, CA (PSP/KPSP)--
N383CADV20 (N383CA)---
N514JPEC20 (N514JP)---
IBB4XBAT76 (EC-MYI)Lanzarote Island (ACE/GCRR)Tenerife (TFN/GCXO)-
FT3048B738 (SU-TMJ)Memmingen (FMM/EDJA)--

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