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Possibility Number 1. : Click on the magnifying glass -> Enter a flight number and select aircraft => Now you directly track the flight
Option 2. : Click on the magnifying glass -> enter a city -> under "Airports" select the airport -> select the desired flight in the list => Flight is displayed

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You want to track flights and get real-time information? With the flight radar is that possible! The offer is free of charge, free from any obligations - you do not need any software that you need to download and install in advance. This offer is not only important if you are to pick up your friend from the airport, but is also fun, as you get a lot of information and details about the different planes and routes.

Track the flights with the flight radar

You want to know which aircraft are currently in the air? You want information about each machine or know how long your friends who are currently in one of the many aircraft in the sky are still on the road? Use the possibility of flight tracking and follow the flights via flight radar. You get real-time information about the flight and also details about the machine.

On the one hand you get the information, where the plane is and when it lands, on the other hand, you can also use the flight tracking for the pastime, because it is fun to learn about the individual machines. In time, you'll feel like you're in one of the many airplanes and watching it live. You will learn the location of the selected machine, the current altitude and the speed of the aircraft. The advantage? Flight tracking is 100% free - you do not have to make any commitments or meet any requirements to be able to use the flight tracking service. Click on the big plus sign and zoom in on the plane, so you get all the relevant information!

The principle of flight tracking

You want to see live information about individual flights or the machines? Then take advantage of the offer of flight tracking from flightradar24, You will get all the information about the current flight movements and you will also get information about when and where the planes are approaching or about to take off. The tool gives you an overview of a world that takes place over your head.

You get definite facts, information that otherwise only passengers of the respective machines get and sometimes even believe that you yourself are in the machine. The features are offered for free - you do not have to fulfill any prerequisites or download other programs to get the information about the respective aircraft. So you can get information about the respective machines that are currently in the air and sometimes your friend, your relatives or acquaintances transport.

What information is transmitted?

The flight tracking gives you all the information and details: You get information about the current speed, the height of the aircraft and also the number of kilometers that have already been completed, but also get an idea of whether the aircraft is a private flight or a regular scheduled flight. Information, all of which are provided free of charge.

For whom is the flight tracking suitable?

But who benefits from the flight tracking? On the one hand, of course, it's fun - who wants to get information about the individual machines, because he is interested in what happens in the clouds, will have found the right offer with the flight tracking. But tracking people is not only fun - flight tracking also has a practical use: Entrepreneurs can track machines in which one of their employees is located and sometimes inform the arrival office if the machine is delayed and the employee arrives later than expected.

Of course, private individuals can also convince themselves that their loved one is doing well when they are on an airplane and are just on their way to vacation. The flight tracking is also interesting when the loved ones are to be picked up from the airport. Does the plane arrive on time or is there a delay? You can also choose a specific one Track the flight, if you have a corresponding flight number.

The free flight tracking

The offer is free of charge and is available without registration, without programs to be installed and also without any prerequisites. You will be amazed at how many machines actually move in the sky. You get lots of information about the aircraft and are also provided with aircraft-specific details.

You get information about the current altitude, the speed of the machine and already the distance traveled kilometers; In addition, you will also learn how many miles the machine has to fly until it finally reaches its destination. There are also machines that have a circle with a question mark - these are usually private machines that are in the air. These private machines, which belong to private owners, are also displayed and can be watched and tracked. There is no flight movement that is not displayed. Even helicopters can be tracked!

You will be provided with all information

There are different apps that provide you with plenty of information. As a rule, however, you will get the details and information that the transponder of the machine sends. So you will be supplied with each app with the current course, the current altitude and the already traveled air miles and also receive the information how many more miles to be completed until the aircraft is at its destination. As a rule, information about delays, the arrival terminal, the arrival time and also incidents are also transmitted. You and the passengers on the plane - you usually get the same information, but sometimes you get lucky and get even more details about the plane.

So you will not be rid of the feeling that you might be sitting in the machine you are following. Tracking the air is therefore a very practical thing that also has some advantages: you want to be sure that your family is well off when you are in the air or do you want information on delays or arrival time when you are from the airport should pick up? It's not just individuals who use the flight tracking system - but also business owners who send goods or send employees on their trips for foreign meetings and new partnerships, use the flight tracking and, if they find the machine is late, they can find the potential business partner Inform that your employee arrives late or that the goods can not be delivered on time.

There are no costs or fees!

Of course, there are also critical people: Is the flight tracking really free or is there sometimes paid information that will be charged only after use? No! The flight tracking is 100 percent free. There are no costs, no effort and no prerequisites that must be met. You need an upright internet connection - done. A tip: Zoom extra close to the respective machine, so you get even more information about the aircraft.

As an aircraft observer, you can track every flight or, with the help of the search, you can also locate and follow certain flights. You can also use your smartphone. This is especially enjoyable when you're on the road and want to know when the plane lands, where your loved ones are sitting, that you have to pick up from the airport. Does the machine arrive on time or can you sometimes make a purchase? The flight tracking is also used by drone aircraft. This allows the drone aviators to detect whether there is an aircraft in their immediate flight vicinity. It should be noted, however, that the maximum height of 120 meters must not be exceeded!

It can be easily tracked every plane!

The flight tracking is suitable for those who want to track a flight and get all the information about the different machines. Not only will you get interesting insights, but sometimes you will get information that you have never thought of before. Flight tracking is particularly useful for people who want to pick up their loved ones from the airport, but is also suitable for people who like to pass the time on the one hand, on the other hand want to have information about the machines that are currently in the clouds.

Follow the flights via app

Of course there are apps as wellwhich you can install on your smartphone or tablet so you can track and watch the different planes on the go. The apps are free; There are no fees or other costs.