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Possibility Number 1. : Click on the magnifying glass -> Enter a flight number and select aircraft => Now you directly track the flight
Option 2. : Click on the magnifying glass -> enter a city -> under "Airports" select the airport -> select the desired flight in the list => Flight is displayed

Video instructions

With the flight tracking you can track the air traffic online! If you like ours flight tracking Not only can they determine the global location of a machine, they can also retrieve numerous flight data in real time. The tool convinces with various functions and extras, so that you have a fast and also optimized flight tracking to be able to use.

Our offer is free of costs and fees

Our offer is not only very easy, but is also available to you free of charge. You do not need any previous knowledge! All you need is an internet connection so you can use our flight tracking. You can watch and track every flight from your computer. You get a lot of details about the different machines and you can track planes where acquaintances or friends are sitting or watching flight routes that interest you personally.

You can search the aircraft for flight data or for the flight number. If you have one Flight tracked You will find relatively quickly that watching the flights is exciting and can also be extremely informative. Our portal is also often visited by drone flyers; Drone aviators can keep track of the relevant airspace and thus be sure that they can fly undisturbed with their drones.

How does real-time flight tracking work?

Civil aircraft equipped with a transponder will be displayed on our radar. The aircraft transmit a constant signal of their position as well as numerous flight data. Such information is freely accessible and can be used by all Air Traffic Portals. In addition, the flight tracking bundles the access of the various flight tracking portals.

Thus, we can offer, compared to single portals, a broad information platform, where you also have a choice between the different representations. The cards you can use as part of the flight tracking are provided by the Casperflights and flightradar24Portals taken over. You can therefore, depending on your taste, access the respective portal and thus satisfy your individual needs.

How does the flight search work?

You will be surprised how many machines are currently in the airspace. Every minute, numerous planes start, which can easily be found and monitored by means of flight tracking. You know the flight number or the aviation license plate? Then you can search for the respective machine via the search field and finally find it. You will notice that the portals will present suitable hit suggestions as you enter the terms. If you use Casperflights, you can also search for a specific location. Location search is useful if you are interested in landing or take-off activities at certain airports. You can easily determine if a particular machine has already started or landed, how many machines are currently starting, or how much traffic has actually been ordered.

How is the card used?

Flightradar24 and Casperflights work with very clear maps. The maps are available on our website and have been carefully integrated to give you access at all times. On the respective maps the flying objects are indicated by different symbols. You can enlarge and reduce the map using the zoom function. This will allow you to find the aircraft you are looking for relatively quickly, to search for distant destinations and to observe specific regions. If you want to observe the airspace of an airport, you can easily enlarge the area. Thus, you can reduce the flight tracking to a specific map section. This automatically reduces the number of visible aircraft, giving you a better overview.

You will notice that there are also size differences. The small symbol indicates that it is a small machine; larger icons represent a large airplane. Helicopters have their own sign. In addition, you can find out whether it is a commercial aircraft (transport plane), a scheduled flight or whether it is a private machine. If you move your mouse over one of the displayed symbols, you will receive information about the aircraft identifier (aircraft identifier). The aircraft identifier is an alphanumeric string; With this string, the flying object can be identified further.

Also get real-time information about those planes flying over your house!

With Flightradar24 you can also increase your own reality! You notice that there is a plane over your house and you want to know where the journey is going? Hold your device towards the sky and enjoy lots of information. You will know immediately which machine has just flown over your house, how fast the plane was and where the machine is heading.

Look forward to many details

If you click on the airplane icon, you will find a lot of information on the left side. You will receive a photo of the machine, the flight number and also the airline. In the section "Flight Information" you will also receive information about the current flight - such as the departure or arrival airport, the departure or arrival time according to the flight plan or in real time and can thus determine whether the aircraft arrives late or on time for landing will start. The flight radar is especially interesting if you want to pick up a friend, acquaintance or family member from the airport and avoid waiting.

The distance to the departure and destination airports will also be graphically displayed. This gives you an immediate overview of where the machine is currently located. Furthermore, you will also receive technical information about the flight and the aircraft. You get information about the type of aircraft, the current altitude, the speed and get the current flight coordinates. When you click on the machine, the position is displayed directly on the map. Furthermore, all other machines are hidden and the map section is adjusted so that you only see the departure and destination.

You want more information?

You can not fully convince all the functions yet? Of course, there are other features that can be purchased via upgrade. There are three packages - Silver, Gold and Business - available.

Share the information with your Facebook friends

Of course, you should not miss the connection with the social networks! One click is enough to check the flight data from Flugradar24 Share on Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter. Of course, you can also forward the data by e-mail. Thus, it is possible that the current information can also be forwarded to certain groups of people. So let friends and family know that they know that passengers are fine, when the plane lands, or if there are any delays.

Of course, there is also an app

Flightradar24 flight tracking is also available on the go - one app is available for iOS and Android. For the smartphone there is also a free and a paid version. The map also contains a direct link to the apps provided by Flightradar24. Thus, you will receive all necessary information even if you are already on the road.

Benefit from the advantages

Our portal convinces with the fact that you can use the cards from several providers. Thus you receive broadly scattered information! You can use the maps and features of Casperflights or Flightradar24. Another plus? We have paid attention to a user-friendly design, so we can guarantee quick and easy access. Even if you are still a beginner and have no prior knowledge, you will have no problems on our portal!